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How do I get an estimate?
Call 703-218-8003. Email us at Fax us at 703-830-1690. Please provide your full name, address, and phone number(s). Also provide a description of what you would like an estimate on. A representative will call or email you back. With a clear description of what you would like us to estimate, we can generally swing by and leave you an estimate, even if you're not at home. Once you have looked over the estimate, if you would like to schedule the work, simply sign and return the yellow copy of the estimate by mail. You can also fax it to 703-830-1690.
Is your company licensed and insured?
Brennan's Tree Service, LLC is licensed and carries liability and workmen's compensation insurance. Liability insurance covers damage to property. Workmen's compensation insurance covers our employees.
Do you have a certified arborist on staff?
The estimator who comes out to look at your job is a certified arborist. This certification is provided by the International Society of Arboriculture and requires extensive experience in the field of arboriculture.
Why should I prune my trees?
Pruning is part of the general maintenance of your tree. Dead branches in trees are an access point for diseases and insects which can harm or kill the tree. Dead branches can also fall on people underneath. Crossing branches rub together, creating a wound, which is another potential access point for diseases and insects. Pruning can improve the structure of the tree, making it both more aesthetically pleasing and less likely to fall or break. A well-maintained tree adds value to your property.
What are the various methods to prune trees?
Pruning Types
  • Crown cleaning - Crown cleaning consists of the removal of dead branches of a certain size from the crown of the tree. A typical estimate will read: 'crown cleaning of dead branches 2 inches in diameter and larger'.
  • Crown thinning - Crown thinning includes crown cleaning of dead branches. In addition, thinning includes the selective removal of crossing, dying, weak, or diseased branches and watersprouts. The goal is to reduce hazards and increase air movement through the crown of the tree.
  • Crown raising/Elevation - Essentially the removal of lower branches of a tree to increase clearance from the ground.
  • Crown restoration - Crown restoration pruning improves the structure and appearance of trees which have been severely headed, vandalized or storm damaged.
  • Crown reduction - Crown reduction decreases the height and/or spread of a tree. Consideration should be given to the ability of a species to sustain this type of pruning.
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